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So yeah...

So I nearly cracked my head open on an LX bar yesterday, which was clever of me. It bled lots and I was under observation for most of the day.
It  still hurts and I thought I was going to die last night in my sleep, as there had been so much on the news/general tv that told of people hitting their heads and dying. Clearly I didn't, so do not fret!
Though, randomly, there feels like something is stuck in my throat, a piece of peanut perhaps... anyway, it made me vomit ever so slightly, which is a concern... but thats gross and unappealing.

And Fonix has introed artist swap cards. Which is cool. You just make cards and swap em. I have three, and if I had a scanner and the knowledge of how to upload photos I'd so upload them. But I don't. Nevermind
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So I haven't posted in a while. Not that there's anything new going on really. I went to Newcastle last weekend, and my TAFE teacher is a fuckwit and thats about all. And I haven't been to TAFE much, as I feel shit.

Oh, me and Clare read the personals yesterday. There are a lot of married men looking for women to have affairs with apparently. That feels like it should be illegal...

Oh and my Gran broke her arm. And I saw Billy Elliot. There's a whole story there about almost being late and so on, but schmeh.

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I am feeling quite unwell due to both the heat and the chocolate I ate earlier. I believe that perhaps I am lactose intolerant as dairy seems to be giving me nausea...

I have, however, rearranged my room. It feels bigger. An I am quite pleased. Now I just have to put everything back into it....

Have also had a strange fight with Faraday about not going away with her. I am unsure as to why this is wrath inducing... But I am endeavouring to stay out of her hair as being sworn at down a phone is rather unpleasant.

I do hope the cool change comes through soon... I feel I am about to melt.

Oh, and I booked accommodation to go to Newcastle. Now I must purchase my plane ticket and I am ready XD
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