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Just a guy - updated

Geoffrey Rush won a Tony award
He was in Exit the King
He went and saw Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
At intermission he ate an icecream
So did I, very awkwardly, and he watched me

I saw Anthony Callea the other night.
I walked past him.
He was on his phone.
We acknowledged each other with a scowl of displeasure, a "greezy" if you will.
I was drinking a gingerbread frappachino that didnt taste like gingerbread.

I also met William McInnis.
He and his friend sat next to me in a play.
His friend kicked me in the foot.
And apologised.
But I shook my head as if to say "don't worry about it".
It was dark, so I dont think he saw me.

Another time I met Allan Brough.
He was at the Arts Centre.
We did that side steppy thing where you both go in the same direction trying to pass each other.
It lasted about 12 seconds.
He's taller off TV.

Once I asked Hamish and Andy their opinion on cheeseymite scrolls over plain cheese scrolls.
Andy gave me a boring answer.
Hamish argued with me.
I asked him if he was a Jedi.
He said he was.

I was in a shoe shop.
A girl walked in with a guy that looked like Dicko.
I dont know if it was him.
But I pretended I didn't notice.
Just in case.

And I met Andrew.
I forget his last name.
He was Abraham in Altar Boyz.
He pretended to be John Butler.
And he called me Geb.

I go to TAFE with Matt O'Reilly.
He'll be famous one day.
But for now, he's just my friend.

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